Raising Africa's Business Pillars

Expect Great Things from
the Entrepreneurship Village


Raising Africa's
Business Pillars

Entrepreneurship Village vision and aim is to raise Africa’s Business Pillars that’ll change the economic landscape of the continent.
Haven of Great Innovation

As we move into a new decade, Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Village will be a haven for great innovation, creativity, ideas, relaxation, technology and knowledge transfer!

Ready-to-go, serviced office spaces

Everything’s ready-to-go, customisable and taken care of for you, to help your business thrive.

Green offices, to power your business

The city pollution, traffic congestion, noise and the chaotic situations are hindrances to creativity, innovation and productivity. E-Village is peaceful, a place to create, think and be productive.

Flexible co-working, whenever you need it

Work when you choose, with fixed desks and hot desks in shared offices and open plan co-working spaces.

E-Village Ground Breaking Event!

The Layout

Layout of the Complex

E-Village is situated on 3.7 hectares of land, along Parliament road Akure, besides Shoprite, Akure Mall.

This is a vision of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs where upcoming and youthful entrepreneurs across Africa can create and collaborate.

Offices Blocks
Office Spaces
Team Advisors
Collaboration Spaces